Monday, October 28, 2013

A New Love Interest

Contrary to what many people may believe, I don't LOVE many musical artists. I do love many songs, but I only love a handful of artists. Every 3-5 years I will find myself falling in love with a new artist but this process takes a very long time.  I'm currently really starting to develop a deep appreciation for Sia and it's taken almost a decade for me to feel this way. 

The first time I heard of Sia was when I googled "song in series finale of 6 feet under". I literally  had the chills after I watched that episode and I do believe that the song "Breath Me" had something to do with this dramatic impact. After listening to the song however, I got really depressed because it's a total "downer". At the time I just thought of Sia as another "if you listen to me you might want to jump off a bridge" artist. Not to say that there isn't a time and a place for these types of songs, I just don't enjoy listening to them. I feel the same way about Adele, I think her music is great and that she is really amazing and talented but I often click "shuffle" whenever an Adele song pops up. second encounter with Sia's music was much different. I was having dinner at a hip little restaurant in the LES and a really soulful / upbeat song was playing and (this was before I had shazam or  soundhound). I asked my boyfriend (at the time) if he knew the song and he said no. I asked the waitress if she knew the song and she said no and then I went on a mission (I use to get pretty crazy about these things before my beloved Shazam was invented). I asked the host, who asked the bartender, who asked the manager, who went behind the curtain for about 5 mins and came back (way after the song had ended) and told me it was Sia "You changed". Hmm I thought, this song seemed to be a real "feel good" song so I checked it out and ended up buying it along with a few more songs off the album. At this point Sia had piqued my interest but I was not in love. The album just felt a little too light and poppy.

The beginning of my sincere appreciation for Sia was when I first played Titanium in a club. Now I had bought the song with out listening to it (I'm a DJ and I do that all the time) and I decided to test it out at the end of one of my sets.  By the time Sia was belting "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away fire away" I thought to my self... 'this sh-- is fresh'. The song is pretty heavy and emotional but unlike' breath me', it's really strong and I could feel the song's meaning with out knowing all of the lyrics. After "Titanium"  came the song "She Wolf", which had the same affect and now with the song "Elastic Heart" I AM IN LOVE!! The song expresses some really strong emotions in a manner that feels tough and even inspiring. It's great. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Heart the L.E.S.

Tonight I was invited to spin at Juke Bar, a new spot in the Lower East Side (  I fell in love with Juke Bar last month at their opening night as I was one of the lucky people that got to drink good beer and dance all night to DJ Spinna. I really had an appreciation for the diverse and non-pretentiously chic crowd. I also admired how the space had a lot of class but the ambiance was really warm and inviting.

On my way down to the gig tonight it occurred to me that I hadn't DJd in the Lower East Side for several years. I was surprised to come to this conclusion since I spent the first few years of my career ONLY DJing in the LES. I use to spin at BoBs, XVI, BlackStar Bar and this was like 100 years ago when I was a kid and happy to spin in exchange for free drinks. At the time I was actually a terrible DJ and was usually drunk by the second hour of my set. In fact one night I remember having a few too many tequila shots and randomly putting on a Gil Scott Heron record as I stumbled to the bathroom. I specifically remember hugging the toilet bowl as "The Bottle" was blaring in the back round and I was swearing to myself that I'd NEVER drink again. Ha. Well at least now I never drink while I'm working but when I first started spinning, DJing was just DJing to me, it was just something I loved to do and I never thought of it as work. My gig tonight brought me back to that sentiment (with out the whole sloppy drinking part of course).

Tonight I had blast, the crowd was awesome and I only played music that I love.  I also played a handful of the stuff I use to play when I first started spinning. I only played vinyl when I started and I didn't have a very extensive vinyl collection so I'd often repeat the same songs through out my set (geez I was awful). It feels good to know that I've come a long way and I must say that a spot like Juke Bar only proves the Lower East Side has come a long way too (even though Juke Bar does have a lot of that oldschool LES soul).

Check out a taste of tonight's set.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Latest Mixes

It just occurred to me that I have not been very good about posting my mixes onto my blog. (No bueno). Well. I have two very different mixes from the past couple of weeks.

One is "cool" and the other is "fun" but the titles should speak for themselves.