Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For the Love of (Hating) Jay Z

I have been working on this post ever since Magna Carta was released two weeks ago and I can't seem to come to a conclusion. I've sifted though so many strong opinions that I'm actually having difficulty coming to an opinion of my own. It's kind of lame. I feel my thoughts are a bit tainted right now and this is not the type of post that will declare whether I think the album is good or bad. Jay Z is one of my favorite artists of all time so my thoughts are pretty complicated when it comes to Magna Carta.

All I have right now are some facts and observations:

"Magna Carta" debuted at number one and it currently has the second highest record sales of the year. In addition to the record sales: two of the songs (almost 3) on Magna Carta are currently the biggest hits on the dance floor (obviously this is my subjective opinion). What makes Magna Carta's record sales a phenomenon is that Jay Z is a man in his mid 40s who for the past decade has maintained a 'clean reputation'. In a marketplace that is dominated by 19-34 yr old consumers: most top selling artists are below the age of 30. Further more it has been statistically proven that record sales increase as a result of an artist's (especially rappers) negative behavior and criminal activities. Last but not least, Magna Carta has sold more copies in the first week than any other Jay - Z album did in the first week (thanks to samsung). Please note that record sales are currently half of what they use to be 15 years ago when Jay Z was supposedly at the apex of his career. My point? Jay Z's career and success is a true anomaly.......................

I understand why so many people hate Jay Z but I don't.......I love him. I'm just going to need a little more time to express what and how I TRULY think and feel about Magna Carta.

Good things REALLY DO happen!

After a long 'dry spell' I am finally starting to really get into some of the music that is coming to surface this summer.  Of course there is always a lot of great music being released every week but it makes me happy when good and 'healthy' music starts to hit the charts.  It's like when the dorky kid becomes "cool" for being smart. There is  an omnipresence of social responsibility in today's pop music and I personally find this trend to be very satisfying.

"I don't pop molly I rock Tom Ford" (Jay Z) is the current 'sing along' statement at every club right now. This anthem is also coming from one of the most credible voices in today's pop culture so this statement is inevitably going to have an impact on our impressionable youth.

 The song "same love" (macklemore) is currently in the top 5 of billboard's hot 100. There is absolutely NOTHING about this song that would make anyone believe it would have become a hit. The song is about gay rights. It's not "poppy" and the lyrical flow is really "wordy" and expressive. I am in awe of the commercial success of this song.  I feel it speaks volumes on how the world really is evolving. 

"I wear my heart on my sleeve, I know we the new slaves, I see the blood on the leaves" (kanye west). In all fairness no matter what people think about Kanye, he is expressing some deeply controversial opinions in yeezus that is (at the very least) driving his audience to think. God forbid a pop artist compels us to actually think! 

I  believe that most pop artists will filter their true opinions and thoughts before they risk losing credibility and record sales but this fear of popular opinion seems to be dissolving

What can I say.... I am a dork that doesn't do drugs and strongly believes in gay marriage. I also believe that racism is still rearing it's ugly face in our society. I've always been a righteous dork but finally I have the anthems to go along with my dorkyness Hopefully there will be more to come;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 4th

I've been really bad about updating this blog with my gigs (sorry I know it's lame). I have been DJing almost 5-7 nights a week this summer. These gigs include Skyroom, Cherry at the Dream Hotel and Millesime at the Carlton Hotel. I also did STK midtown last week and more. My schedule shifts and changes a lot and it's been busy  but I would be re-missed to not let you know that i will be at Skyroom on July 4th where you will have an incredible view of the fireworks. It is the PERFECT destination for anybody's 4th of a July festivities.

Skyroom 330 W.40th street Rooftop. I hope to see you out:)

I Ate The Fugu

In February I wrote a post about the Japanese Fugu fish http://agirlsguidetodjaying.blogspot.com/2013/02/eat-fugu.html. The Fugu fish was just a metaphor in this post. The post was really about how we (meaning people) need to take risks and do things that scare us in order to find a better version of ourselves.

At the time I was holding on to a FT job that I did love but I was holding on to it because I was afraid of becoming a full time DJ which is obviously my true passion. (Please note I was still DJing regularly so at the time I was basically working myself to dust).  I was living in an apartment that I was outgrowing and in a neighborhood that I found to be really boring. There were also a few other aspects  in my life that were making me feel just.... ordinary and I'm way too eccentric to settle for mediocrity. I needed to make some changes.

So....this was about 6 months ago and I have since quit my job and started DJing fulltime. I moved to an apartment in park slope which was too expensive for me when I signed the lease. I dyed my hair (ombre champagne) and the scariest thing I did was I started to practice Bikram Yoga. All of these things have started to pan out to the fullest and I don't even recognize myself anymore (in a really good way).

Before I started making changes people said I'd be crazy to do just about everything listed in the previous paragraph. I was just following my heart and if that makes me crazy then I am grateful for that quality in myself. I ate the Fugu (more than once) and I haven't been this happy in a very long time. I have never felt this strong.  I am a better version of myself and I feel like I am just getting started. I feel like the possibilities are endless and I needed  to share this story on my blog. This is a blog about music and DJing but it's also about a girl mixing her way thru life and every now and then I need to get a little personal:)