Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh Kanye!

Kanye West's new album "Yeezus" is the most aggressive, politically charged, controversial and intense work that he has ever released and in my opinion the album is bad.....ASS!!!

The punk/death metal beats in "Yeezus" are brilliant and crazy in the way that they completely juxtapose the lyrical content. Before I explain please excuse my lack of political correctness. In my opinion "heavy metal" and "punk" are predominantly  "white" genres of music. Over these 'metal' beats Kanye is blasting some really intense lyrics about race and his rigid opinion of the socio economic status and mentality of African americans today. Some of these lyrics are the kind of lyrics that "white people" should probably NOT sing along to at the club (or anywhere for that matter). 

From a musical perspective "Yeezus" is a great work of art but it seems that the lyrics are (intentionally) inaccessible to most of Kanye's fans.

After making millions and making his mark on society Kanye West appears to be sacrificing the commercial success of "Yeezus" just to send a powerful message to his 'people'. And....... I actually have a lot of respect for that. Most pop stars today are clearly motivated by making hit records instead of expressing the truest form of themselves. 

I am not the same ethnicity as Kanye's "peoples" and neither is his baby mama. This is not to negate the validity of Kanye's message because in many ways it seems that in "Yeezus" he is struggling with his own values more than anyone or anything else.  

No matter what the critics are saying about "Yeezus" and Kanye, nobody can deny that the album is a pure and true work of art and it delivers the intense qualities that we love and hate the most about Kanye West. Kanye seems to be the most human musical super pop star that I can think of right now. I don't know about everybody else but I'll take a serving of the of the real and the rugged over the overly prepared and packaged  pop tunes....any day....any time;)