Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Latest Obsession

Between Sia's dramatic intensity and David Guetta's emotionally driven beats and sounds, the song 'SheWolf' feels like the entire universe is dancing on my heart strings.

Sia and David Guetta are a match made in sonic heaven. 'Titanium' was very strong when it hit but they have taken it ten steps further with 'SheWolf'. I could feel the meaning of the song before I even listened to the lyrics. It kind of reminds me of those dramatic 80s ballads that I loved as a child even though I was too young to understand them. 

I'm not crazy about the video but posting MP3s to my blog is very difficult so the video is all I have. If you haven't already experienced this song you must take a moment to check it out. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bad Girl Gone Good

A few days ago I updated my FB profile photo with the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack album cover.  It was simply an homage to a great soundtrack and an 80s cult classic. Today I was chatting on FB with a friend who made a few comments about the photo that confused me. When I figured out what he was trying to say I was astonished by what he thought I was trying to insinuate by posting a bright pink photo of Molly Ringwald. One of today's most popular drugs 'Molly' is named after Molly Ringwald (which I learned today) and I didn't even know what 'Molly' was until a few months ago when a friend was telling me about it. It's basically a 'remix' of extacy.  (ya I know they say it's the pure form of MDMA but no one could possibly think that any designer street drug is 'pure'. It's just marketing... don't believe the hype;)

Now...I'm not a saint. I was born and raised in NYC and I basically got into enough trouble (for a life-time) by the time I was old enough to drink. It's just interesting how people assume that my lifestyle as a DJ and my work in NYC nightlife is automatically synonymous with the use of drugs and other 'bad behavior'.

I suppose I'm lucky. Nothing really stuck with me. I may have smoked a little more than I should have but even that is apart of the past. I just love music and that love has always been enough for me. I'd never judge anyone who wanted more than the music and people around them to have a good time but I don't.

I'm a DJ that loves to party and I think 'Molly Ritngwald movies' are awesome. There is no really is that simple;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need to get this OFF of my chest

During a recent gig I was told that I should only play current top 40. I was NOT happy about it but I am professional so I did it . The funny thing is after I was done a lot of people told me I did a great job. I was graceful and I thanked them for the compliment but in my mind I was thinking how all I did was play totally predictable junk music that everybody knows. It isn't hard to make a crowd get happy over commercial hits. It's kind of like McDonalds. We've all eaten at McDonalds and a lot of people think that the food at McDonalds tastes really good but no one is complimenting the cooks that drop the frozen fries in the grease. All I did that night was heat up and fry some pre-packaged trans fat and wrap it in a nice little package so it seemed like I was doing something special but I really wasn't.

Sorry to disappoint but any DJ can play what the crowd wants to hear but only great DJs can make any crowd want to hear what the DJ is playing.

My Husband

When someone asks me why I don't have a ring on my finger I respectfully explain that I actually got married a long time ago. His name is Rane. He is a Tech and a true Pioneer in his field.  I've stated 'on the record' many times that he is the love of my life. Even if I marry another man one day I will most likely have an ongoing affair with him as he is my one true love.