Friday, August 16, 2013

The 1st Hour

The first hour of my DJ sets have always been the most sacred time of the night for me. People think it's strange that I feel that way because the first hour is usually when no one is really paying any attention to me. Well, it's an advantageous moment because no one is paying any attention   It's my time. It's the only time I have to really warm up and it's the only time I have to indulge in my creativity. Its the time when I will try a new mash up and I'll usually cross over to at least 5 different genres.  I try to do and get away with as much as I can (in the first hour) with out anyone noticing.  I have the rest of the night to get the crowd moving and once the dance floor begins I can't be too raw. I have to keep it smooth and somewhat predictable (with an occasional surprise from time to time).

A couple of months ago I made a promise to regularly post mixes to this blog. I have yet to honor this promise until now. I started recording my live DJ sets and at first I thought I'd I sift through these 2-6hour mixes and find one good hour to post and all I did was accumulate hours and hours of music and I didn't (and still don't) have the time to get through it all. It then it occurred to me that I shouldn't listen to my mixes before posting them because if I did they would never make it to this site or anywhere for that matter. I'm hyper critical and one missed beat is enough for me to press delete.

Starting today I will post the 1st hour of my DJ sets (at least 2xs a week). I'd rather share the eccentric side of me as opposed to the more predictable side and this is why the first hour is probably the purest demonstration of who I am. All you have to to do is read the track listings to see how 'far out' I can be... Each night is different and that is why I will keep posting new mixes. Of course there are a handful of mistakes and flaws since this is the raw and uncooked version of me but this is the version of myself that I want to share. This is me :)