Saturday, March 16, 2013

When Hip-Hop was Clean

After reading about how lil Wayne was hospitalized from ODing on some hard chore drug cocktail I became a bit nostalgic about when hip-hop was (relatively) drug free (with the exception of weed). I can't recall a single hip-hop song from my youth that glorified the use of hard drugs. If anything most references to hard drugs in 80s and 90s hip-hop usually condemned drug addiction. For example "White lines" or "Slow Down" and even a song like Biggie's '10 crack commandants' pretty much stated to not become a user and don't have personal relationships with users.  With that said the act of being a 'gangster' / 'drug dealer' was sometimes glorified but being a 'drug addict' was not.  I guess I'm lucky that I hated techno and the whole rave scene and I grew up at a time when only 'smoking blunts' and 'drinking 40s' were considered cool.