Sunday, March 17, 2013

On a Mission

It's kind of strange that in the 2+ years that I have been writing this blog I have never posted a mix. If I didn't know better I would think that I was all talk and not a real DJ (ha). Well to my defense I didn't convert to serato until this past summer and I'm only now getting accustomed to the digital world and it's endless potential (I've always been a little late to the party). I did purchase an MP3 recorder and I will record my next live set and post it on sound cloud no matter what (even if I hate it).

For the past few days I have been trying to optimize my DJ booth at home. I had been so busy since I moved to this apartment that I hadn't even set up my Turntables until yesterday (pure madness). The grounding on one of them was broken and I had to strip it. I also realized that my Macbook pro doesn't have an 'aux in' which has me running around the city getting cables, converters and all types of sh---. I have decided that 2013 is going to be about production, remixes and sharing my live mixes. It's just taking me a moment to get up an running but once I do I doubt I'll be able to stop. I finally have the time to really do this and time is precious so I am going to give it everything I have;)