Thursday, February 21, 2013


When I first got my I-phone I managed to accidentally turn off the ringer with out really caring that I was missing so many calls. I never bothered to turn the ringer or noises back on again.  I suppose I was unconsciously shutting down from living my life like I was always 'on call'.

My phone blows up everyday with texts, emails, calls, comments, status updates and everything else. I sometimes wonder.... Why and when did I make myself so accessible to so many people? And in this process did I end up making  myself a bit inaccessible to the people that actually matter to me?

How many more times would I talk to the people I love if I couldn't just text them? How many more people would I make time to see if I didn't get to read their updates everyday? When did it become OK for me to experience a meaningful moment over the phone? It's like phone calls are the new "intimate".

I'm a purist. I collect vinyl.  I still own VHS tapes (even though I don't have a VCR). I don't want to get my messages as they come I want to CHECK them. I want kisses and hugs not Xs and Os. I want to hold my nephew not look at his photos, I want to hear about my BFs trip to Mexico as we are drinking coronas and she is telling me every little detail.  Silencing my phone is simply a small step to keeping me closer to my life, which just happens to be a life that I really love:)