Thursday, February 14, 2013

Original Pressings

When it comes to shopping for vinyl I only buy 'original pressings'. The other options would be a 're-issue' or a 'bootleg'.

Originals pressings are obviously rare which makes them more valuable. There is no such thing as an 'original' in "perfect" condition.  All records, especially the good ones have been used and played. There is still a mild thickness in the silence between the songs that indicates that the record has lived a while. I'm a vinyl junkie so I'm addicted to that sound;)

Re-issues can be misleading because they sound and appear to be an original but they're not and though some collectors might settle for a re-issue..... most would prefer the 'real thing'.

Bootleg records are usually very easy to identify. They don't have any of the original artwork and sometimes the quality of the songs are compromised.

The traditions of collecting vinyl has changed since all records now are becoming scarce but the values still remain the same for me. The world is full of bootlegs and (very misleading) re-issues while originals are still valuable and hard to find. In a world that is absorbed with social media and MP3s it seems like everything that is real is starting to go extinct. Even bootleg MP3s can sound so clean and pristine. But at the end of the day: an original that is scratched up and damaged will always be better than a bootleg in 'perfect condition'.