Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eat The Fugu

In Japan there is a famous puffer fish known as Takifugu (fugu for short) that contains a very lethal amount of tetrodotoxin in it's organs. In fact there is enough terodotoxin in one Fugu to kill 30 adults. Fugu is considered to be a delicacy in Japan and in order to avoid death upon consumption of Fugu the fish needs to be carefully prepared. Japanese law requires that only licensed chefs can serve Fugu at their restaurants. People claim that the taste of Fugu is worth the risk and that a small amount of terodotoxin creates an exhilarating sensation on the tongue.

Death by Fugu consumption has become pretty rare due to the intensive training a chef must acquire in order to serve Fugu. Even though the probability of being fatally poisoned is low.... most people would rather not play 'Russian roulette' with their dinner. In general people do tend to play it safe and not take risks but that same fear of death can be coupled with a fear of living.

Lately I have found my self contemplating the consumption of a few (metaphorical) Fugus. I was really fearless in my youth and I often veered towards pure irresponsibility but I have no regrets.  I am actually grateful for being so reckless because if I was scared to eat the Fugu I would never have become a DJ. But at some point I wonder if I consumed the poison and if a part of me stopped living.

It's one thing to spend an afternoon bungee jumping but my definition of "living" is following your passion regardless of the risks. I'm not sure when I started playing life a little safer than usual but I know that that's not who I am.  Maybe I'm still reckless but I'll never be scared to eat the Fugu. It won't make a difference if it kills me because if I stop eating the Fugu than I might as well already be dead.