Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need to get this OFF of my chest

During a recent gig I was told that I should only play current top 40. I was NOT happy about it but I am professional so I did it . The funny thing is after I was done a lot of people told me I did a great job. I was graceful and I thanked them for the compliment but in my mind I was thinking how all I did was play totally predictable junk music that everybody knows. It isn't hard to make a crowd get happy over commercial hits. It's kind of like McDonalds. We've all eaten at McDonalds and a lot of people think that the food at McDonalds tastes really good but no one is complimenting the cooks that drop the frozen fries in the grease. All I did that night was heat up and fry some pre-packaged trans fat and wrap it in a nice little package so it seemed like I was doing something special but I really wasn't.

Sorry to disappoint but any DJ can play what the crowd wants to hear but only great DJs can make any crowd want to hear what the DJ is playing.