Friday, January 25, 2013

Bad Girl Gone Good

A few days ago I updated my FB profile photo with the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack album cover.  It was simply an homage to a great soundtrack and an 80s cult classic. Today I was chatting on FB with a friend who made a few comments about the photo that confused me. When I figured out what he was trying to say I was astonished by what he thought I was trying to insinuate by posting a bright pink photo of Molly Ringwald. One of today's most popular drugs 'Molly' is named after Molly Ringwald (which I learned today) and I didn't even know what 'Molly' was until a few months ago when a friend was telling me about it. It's basically a 'remix' of extacy.  (ya I know they say it's the pure form of MDMA but no one could possibly think that any designer street drug is 'pure'. It's just marketing... don't believe the hype;)

Now...I'm not a saint. I was born and raised in NYC and I basically got into enough trouble (for a life-time) by the time I was old enough to drink. It's just interesting how people assume that my lifestyle as a DJ and my work in NYC nightlife is automatically synonymous with the use of drugs and other 'bad behavior'.

I suppose I'm lucky. Nothing really stuck with me. I may have smoked a little more than I should have but even that is apart of the past. I just love music and that love has always been enough for me. I'd never judge anyone who wanted more than the music and people around them to have a good time but I don't.

I'm a DJ that loves to party and I think 'Molly Ritngwald movies' are awesome. There is no really is that simple;)