Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Subway Music

I was born an raised in NYC so I've been riding the subway for so long that I remember when they were beautifully vandalized by graph artists. The graffiti cars got fazed out as I was learning how to read and my dad would always tell me to "stop reading the subway car!" (Ha:). I think I've heard almost every panhandling story but every now and then there will be something original. The one aspect however of the NYC subways that most New Yorkers take for granted are the random spurts of musical performances and sometimes dance or even comedy.

I realized today that every time I take the shuttle (S train) to my Skyroom gig there is ALWAYS a performance and for some reason they seem to be the best ones. Last week there was a rapper/singer, some bongos and an acoustic guitar mashing up Cee-lo and Adele. It was crazy and GOOD! Today was the usual a capella trio doing the doo-wop thing which is always appreciated. I remember a couple of months ago there was a girl singing and stomping her feet as the beat. This little show was so insane and amazing that by the time she was done people were practically screaming as they applaud. 

Express trains seem to get some good performances as there is more time in between stops. It's easy to distinguish the PRO subway performances from the amateurs as they have there set timed and polished. Im also sure that they are raking in a lot of money in a day's work #onlyinnewyork

Friday, November 23, 2012

Willow Smith Just Blew My Mind

I was wondering if Willow Smith had put anything out since her hit single "whip my hair" and I stumbled upon the video for "I am Me". I thought "whip my hair" was very cute and fun but I tossed it to the side as just some pop junk tune. "I am me" however just converted me to an actual Willow Smith fan.

This video exudes such a raw and awkward image of an adolescent girl struggling to find and embrace herself. It's the complete antithesis of "Whip My Hair" in the sense that it is NOT a pop song and completely negates the whole "My dad's a superstar" image. "I am me" is brave and beautiful; it is the exact song that young girls should be listening to....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This song is Fire

The other night I went to go see the movie "ARGO" (very good btw) and I saw the preview for "Gangster Squad" (a period piece about the east coast mob in the 1940s). I am not a big fan of soundtracks that don't reflect the time and era of the movie but there was a super fresh Jay-Z song at the end of the preview. It's called 'Oh My God' and it's from the album "Kingdom Come". This song is perfect for when you want to feel like a total BadAss. The hook is intense and insane.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wishes

I Wish:
1.For A Stevie Wonder musical
2.For Nicki Minaj to join a cult and live on a deserted island: never to be heard from again.
3. For Jay-Z to do another cross-over collaboration.
4. For D'Angelo to finish his album (ha. ya right)
5. For No Techno Rap
6. For hip-hop to go 90s retro chic.
7. Now that Adele is all Happy that she will continue writing great music and perhaps a couple of songs that doesn't make me want to jump off a bridge.
8. For Katy Perry to take a break.
9. to not hear Pitbull on every f----ing hit song.
10. That No Doubt never put out that album because I just might forget how awesome they use to be.
11. that we continue to have no more Black Eye Peas and/or Fergie albums for at least another year.