Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girl Power!

Earlier this evening I found myself discussing which artist has truly rocked the very essence of girl power better than anyone else. The conversation inspired me to come up with a list: from the rugged and raw to the sweet and dainty. The following is my top 8 (I know I'm missing a lot but this is geared more towards current artists with a few honorable mentions).

8. Ani Difranco: Ani is one of... if not THE original but she was way too aggressive and not to mention always off key and off beat. It was kind of like listening to an angry Pelican 

7. Lauryn Hill: was all about empowerment until she went crazy and stopped making music. 

6. Nicki Minaj: I'm sorry, so so sorry for putting her here, but when you get to #1 you WILL understand. 

5. Christina Aguillera: Live performance of 'Beautiful' A capella on SNL. Every girl MUST see. 

4. Aretha Franklin: RESPECT

3. Katy Perry: She does her thing, and though its a bit quirky and somewhat annoying most girls would be lying  if they claimed they never sang a long . 

2. Beyonce: OK it kind of started with Destiny's later work and moved towards the past few years but she is certainly an artist that has evolved unlike any other and has a very powerful voice in every possible way. 

1. Alicia Keys: Hands down, this lady does "girl power" almost effortlessly and flawlessly unlike any other artist to date. Unlike the predictable cliches delivered by most of the artists on this list, she takes it to another level. She tells stories that are just raw and original from 'Superwoman' to 'Girl on Fire'and the way she sings: oh em gee..she always kills it!! You don't even have to relate or understand to feel it. Strong and bold yet so graceful, elegant, classy and beautiful: she is the epitome of what "girl power" should be. Plus she is the only reason why Nicki Minaj is even in my "girl power" vocabulary. Girl on Fire is an amazing song and I'm sure the rest of the album is gonna be just as good.