Sunday, July 8, 2012

For $50

Earlier today at Gansevoort Sunday Sunset soiree there was a great crowd as usual and they were dancing all afternoon despite the heat (everyone lost about 2 lbs)! At some point a man approached me with $50 to play a song that I had just played. He would pay me $50 to play the song again. It wasn't a bad song (Calvin Harris I feel so close to you) it's just that I had JUST played it. When I told my friend about this proposition they thought it was a 'no-brainer' but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean there is a lot that I could purchase with $50 but there isn't much that I'd be willing to do FOR $50. About an hour later the guy came back and asked again and I respectfully told him that if I played the song again it would mess with the flow of the evening.

I get paid to DJ but being great at it is something that I do for free. I put my heart in every mix and though I may slip up from time to time I always put my best foot forward. The moment that I take cash to go against my values as a DJ (never repeat a record) is the same moment that the evening will lose it's pulse. Some may say that that makes me stupid but at the end of the day it's only $50.

Well as I was finishing up my set the same man came up to me and this time he had 2 $50 bills. He put it in my hand and thanked me for all the great music. He even said that he was happy I didn't play the song and how it made him respect me more. I was stunned because it was one of those rare moments that sticking to my values and beliefs actually paid off but no matter what staying true to myself is always the most rewarding feeling.

Below are some photos from Sundays Rooftop party. If you haven't already come by, you should!!! Sundays 3pm-8pm Gansevoort Hotel rooftop (9th avenue and 13th street)