Monday, October 8, 2012

My dealer

During the first few years that I DJd I only got gigs in the Lower East Side. I would spin at bars and lounges like BoBs, Bar XVI, Blackstar Bar and other places that probably aren't open anymore. I remember there use to be this dealer that would come around with the best stuff. He had the rarest records and nothing but original pressings. He'd always be around and was always pushing.  If I needed something he'd tell me he'd be at one of my gigs within a week and he would. He always had the good sh--. It was always pure. I remember he got me the Vanity 6 Nasty Girl 12' and it put me back like 50 bucks. I was hooked on vinyl. A true junkie. I spent all of my money on records. I'd skip meals, I got so skinny that my friends and fam were really concerned (not exaggerating),  my cell phone would get turned off, I wouldn't be able to go out or do anything but I always found a way to pay for my records. I was a wax phene. I miss the addiction, I miss my dealer, I miss the way I use to go crazy for those vintage classics............I really miss the time when DJing was all about collecting vinyl.