Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cooking Up a Delicious DanceFloor

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spin an after party for the chefs who participated in the NYC Food and Wine Festival. Attendees included some of the most celebrated and respected chefs in New York. This event however was not some stuffy banquet as one may presume. No (unpronounceable) passed hors d'oeuvres or tall glasses of champagne. The party was hosted in the warm and rustic atmosphere of Barbuto restaurant. Brick walls, wooden tables, home made fried chicken sandwiches and a room full of chefs chugging beer.  Some of these chefs own the most refined dining establishments in the city and there they were all raw and rugged. The best part however was their incredible taste in music.

The dance floor did not take long to simmer and who'd a thought that some classic east coast hip-hop would be so appetizing to such a group. A little Nas, a little meth and mary, a little vintage Jay-Z and I realized that I was spinning for a handful of real New Yorkers. I'd throw back to some Stevie, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Prince and it was over.... everybody was down. I didn't get a moment to eat the fried chicken or even fix my hair! I didn't play any top-40 until the last couple of hours (which was 3am-5am btw) and I was basically playing whatever the f---- I wanted. As in 'Jimmie Hendrix into Cee-lo' and 'Red Hot Chili Peppers into Bruno Mars' kind of want.

It was truly an honor to spin for such a respectable group of individuals who are considered to be masters of their craft and it was an even greater honor to watch them indulge and enjoy the flavor and style of my own craft. I wanted to take more pictures but it really wasn't that kind of party.

I know it's really blurry and dark but that's Iron Chef Bobby Flay in the center of the dance floor.