Friday, June 29, 2012

Sonic Nourishment

So since my last post was about sonic junk I figured I'd share something that I am really exited about. Next Tuesday I will be opening for Q-tip as he spins a very special guest DJ set at Skyroom. If you follow my blog you already know how I feel about the lack of real hip-hop in today's pop music. Q-tip represents the epitome of the hip-hop I love. I am vowing to not play any 'sonic junk' next Tuesday. Let me state for the record that as much trash as I talk about current top 40, I do love my cake, cookies and doughnuts but I know it's not good for me. This Tuesday I am going to cut back on the empty calories, sugar, fat and glucose and stick to the nutritious treats that keep us healthy. Everything from Black Moon to James Brown to Minnie Ripperton to oldschool Mary J. and of course a big serving of the native tongues.

So if you have been feeling a little malnourished lately come thru and get a healthy dose of some wholesome music.