Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sonic Junk

Last night was one of those gigs when the crowd was just amped up all night. This is a good thing but it takes a lot of energy to keep them that way and there really wasn't any down time. It was like spinning for a bunch of kids that wanted to skip dinner and get strait to dessert. You have to make them eat there vegetables but the key is finding a way to prepare the veggies so that they like it. I'd mix Beyonce with Stevie Wonder or The Clash with FUN. It's kind of like pouring some wholesome cheese over some fresh Broccoli or some chopped Asparagus mixed into a bowl of Penne Parmesan ....yum.

I'd shoot myself if I had to listen to 'top 40 for 4hrs strait. It would be like eating a box of Entenmann doughnuts: it seems like a fun idea until you suddenly feel nauseous.