Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Serendipitous Mistake and Marc Anthony

This week started with a bang as I DJ'd at Marc Anthony's house for his niece's engagement party. This crowd was into that good, real , wholesome and tasteful music from rare grooves including ESG's moody, It's just begun, Soul Mokoussa, Buena Vista S.C. to classic RnB and hip-hop to Marc Anthony. It was an honor and pleasure: he has a beautiful and incredible home and his family is equally great and graciously warm.

On Wed, I (accidently) left half of my music at home and didn't realize it until I arrived at Empire Hotel. At first I panicked as the place was packed and I only had a 1/4 of my current and re-current collection. Oh well, instead of playing what the people 'love' I made the people love what I played. They got down to James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Pharcyde, Outkast and more. I even played some oldschool dance hall for this 20 something crowd and they were eating up every little beat I dropped. It was a super hot night in every sense of the word. 86-90 degrees as the sunset over this beautiful city. Leaving half my music at home is one of the best mistakes I've made in a while. I actually worked twice as hard and reaped twice the reward. Lesson learned: never underestimate a crowd.

On Sunday I am looking forward to a festive atmosphere at Gansevoort Brunch party 3pm-8pm. Last few weeks have been amazing even with the bad weather and now that summer is in full effect, Sunday Brunch at the Gansevoort Rooftop is only gonna get better.

Hope to see you out Soon!!!


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