Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The "RIGHT" to be a Knicks Fan!

Before we could even finish cleaning up the confetti from our Superbowl victory we were blown away by the miracle at Madison Square Garden. I say "we" because I'm a very proud New Yorker (rain or shine) and New York is a very consistent theme in this blog. In fact up until this very moment "New York" and "chocolate" have pretty much been the only other subjects I have written about on my blog (other than DJing and music of course). In this moment however I am writing about sports for the first time. Truth be told I don't know how it would be possible to avoid this subject. Even with everything that is going on right now from the tragic death of a pop queen, to the Grammys, the primaries and the Giants the only words that are currently in the NYC vocabulary are "Lin" and "Knicks". It's ironic however because a lot of "real" NY Knicks fans are finding the whole 'Lin-mania' thing to be a bit irritating.

It's almost as if the NY Knicks have gone from being that quiet student in HS with only one friend that sits in the back of the class to being the most sought out and popular kid in school. Everybody in New York wants a piece of the Knicks and all the fans feel like that "one friend". It's as if their unwavering support and faith is no longer needed. The real fans were there for the Knicks through the 'blood sweat and tears' and now they are lucky if they can score tickets at what use to be a half empty 'Garden'. Hmmmm. Well, I suppose not all of us have the "right" to consider ourselves a "Knicks Fan" but most of us just can't help ourselves.

The story of Jeremy Lin is simply extraordinary and it may seem that it's all about him right now but it's not. Yes, he is an incredible athlete and yes it's cool that he went to Harvard and all but that's not what people are cheering about. People are cheering for the Knicks because they gave this kid a chance when nobody else would. He was getting cut from teams, warming up the bench and was sleeping on his brother's couch because he thought he would get cut again. The Knicks gave him a chance and I truly believe that no matter what: J-Lin will be eternally loyal to the Knicks for this opportunity.

The fate of the New York Knicks has changed and now there are a millions of people 'jumping on the wagon'. No matter what..... this is a happy story, this is an inspiring story, this is an AMAZING story, this is the kind of story that most of us LOVE to hear and watch. Some may believe that this story only belongs to the Knicks and their "real" fans but no matter what the NY Knicks has the entire city feeling really good (and there can't be any harm in that)!