Sunday, February 12, 2012

"I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow"

About six months ago, I was writing about Amy Winehouse only a few weeks after writing about Gil Scott Heron. I found that I wrote more about their lives than their actual music. After learning about Whitney Houston today I started listening to some of her songs and I felt a strong surge of bitter sweet nostalgia. From akward slow dances at summer camp to the bright lipstick and bold colorful bracelets I would beg my mom to buy for me. I suppose it would be "cooler" of me to feel a stronger connection to the music performed by Gil Scott or Amy Winehouse, but it would be a lie. Whitney's songs was not only apart of my childhood soundtrack, but her infectious voice continues to strike me. The subtle cracks when she shifts a note and the clean high notes that she belts with such an extraordinary grace are so incredibly rich and addictive.

Most people initially reacted to Whitney Houston's death with thoughts about her turbulent lifestyle. However, unlike a lot of the fallen stars of our generation I do believe that Whitney's voice will reign supreme in our memories. Most 'rock stars' that die from a drug overdose are remembered for the way that they died but Whitney Houston will be remembered for the way she lived. Her voice had so much more life in one song than most singers will have in their career.