Friday, November 18, 2011


When I first started DJing, I was brought up and mentored by some of the most respected 'purists' in the game. The very idea of going digital was simply preposterous. I spent all of my money and free time going record shopping. It was all about the vinyl. It breaks my heart when I try to find a record store these days and remember that most of them have closed. I'm not even talking about just vinyl, even CDs have gone extinct. I just wonder as I watch a new generation of DJs come up if they ever felt the buzz from going thru crates and crates of 12"s. Those cardboard squares encased in thick plastic sleeves. I use to love the sound those sleeves would make as I sifted through a bunch of records.

Now there are all these programs/software that automix MP3s and create scratching effects. Some of these programs aren't even using turntables anymore. I wonder how can these new DJs love the art with out even touching a piece of wax. How can they know what DJing is all about if they've never held a beat at the tips of their fingers? It's like taking the strings from a guitar and replacing them with buttons. It's NOT the same.I can't imagine falling in love with a bunch of buttons that make a scratch, I need to touch it and feel the kick in my fingers as I move it back and forth. I love the way it feels when I gently touch the edge of the record to ever so slightly bring down the bpm. No matter what type of tech they come up with, these kids will have no clue as to what they are missing. DJing in it's purist form is a beautiful art and for the first time I am really starting to fear that it just might be fading out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Not PC

Ok, it's a official, my favorite crowd to spin for are gay men. Yes, I said it! Gay men are usually great dancers, they're uninhibited, sexy, fun, and unpretentious.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Health Food

In this blog I often establish a lot of parallels between food and music. I do believe that there is music that is high in intellectual and emotional nutrients. There is music that feeds your soul with goodness and keeps you healthy. With that said I also feel that there is also junk music. This music is full of empty calories and high in mental and spiritual trans fat. But since I also feel that if a song can help make someone feel something, than it's not my place to dismiss the quality of that music.

All I can do is provide myself and the people I spin for with at least 5 servings of sonic fruits and vegetables a day. But sometimes there are a lot of healthy treats that I can't really rock on the dancefloor. I have recently signed up with Spotify and I made a playlist of songs I love that I don't really get to spin out in a club or even lounge.

All of these sonic veggies are tasty AND good for your health. I picked them from farms of all genres and eras.

Just copy and paste the following link into your browser and check it out