Thursday, October 20, 2011


Every now and then, I look up and around the universe and yell "THANK YOU" because I love my life. These moments are usually found in musical experiences much like the experience I had being (somewhat) apart of Ezperanza Spalding's Birthday Jam Session. (I say somewhat because NO I wasn't jamming with these musicians). For those who DONT know, Ezperanza is the first Jazz artist to win the "BEST NEW ARTIST" Grammy in 2011 and she was up against a few other singer/musicians including some kid named Justin Beiber.

This girl is truly amazing and this past Tuesday I was in a room of about 50-100 musicians who were also her closet friends as they jammed the night away. It felt historic. I have read so many stories of coltrane at birdland, or dizzy at vanguard and I was actually living the tale of Esperanza at Millesime. It was a 4-5hr continuous jam session. It was divine. It was an honor and it made me grateful for every note and every split second that I was there. It's moments like this that make me realize that this is everything and this is why I do what I do.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My beloved

A couple of nights ago, I had the opportunity to work a 'book launch' party. This book was in honor of the love of my life: New York City. When I say I "worked" the event, I must say that my services extended way beyond the selection of music. The event was at Salon Millesime and the Novel is called "My City, My New York" and it is a collection of essays, and statements from a ton of famous New Yorkers explaining why they love this city. The author Jeryl Brunner requested that the music would include a lot of "NYC" themed songs. Normally I would scoff at the idea of a theme, but seeking and playing songs about New York City was more than a pleasure. From Lou Reed's Walk on the wild side into Can I Kick it, to Dee-Lite's anthem to a great cover of Frank Sintara's NY, NY I almost got away with NOT playing Empire state of mind, but of course I would never imagine leaving that one out.

I ended up getting a chance to hang out with Jeryl after the event. As a native NYCer I had to show her some love for writing a book about why New York City is the best place on earth. She is super cool and I got my own custom signed copy of the book. It was so great to be apart of an event that hosted so many influential guests who share the same passion that I have for this city. To top it off, the fall is the best time of the year for us NYers. Jazz sounds better, coffee tastes better, Central Park looks beautiful and of course the Yankees are usually in the post season. Autumn in New York is pure awesomeness (and yeah that is also the name of a famous song)!