Monday, March 28, 2011

My Bad (Body) Language

So, earlier this evening I was booked to DJ a 'speed dating' event that was being filmed by the Today Show. The bad news was, my role was kind of obsolete since they really couldn't record any songs w/o clearance, so I didn't really spin much. The good news is I had a chance to chat with Janine Driver, the host of the segment they were filming. Janine (who was super cool btw) is a body language expert. In fact the segment had nothing to do with speed dating, the program was all about how to read people's body language and I found it all to be so fascinating!

She took a moment to analyze me and explained that my body language was defensive and full of attitude. LMAO!!!! The reason is I first had my arms crossed, and when I started to talk to her I put one hand on my hip. She helped me fix this negative body language by directing me to stand tall but relax my shoulders and put one hand in my pocket WITH THE THUMB OUT. At this point I was confident, yet humble and warm, and by facing both shoulders towards her I was also welcoming. According to her, first impressions last for just a few seconds but those few second have a powerful unconscious affect on people.

Well Well, to think I thought I was a very approachable person, I could have actually been deflecting people by my body language with out even intending to! In either case this little body language lesson was the coolest thing I've learned in a long time.

Check out Janine's Website (below), apperently she use to work for the DA or something to be able to detect when people were lying. (It's like that show lie to me)!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Losers' Rule!

Earlier this evening I was spinning for a cool and sexy crowd and they were definitely ‘feeling’ the music but no one was really dancing or getting really into it. About half way through, a group of tourists from New Hampshire, (I know this because they told me) came in and started “wiling” out. They were about 4 blonds in their mid 30s and they had NO style. We’re talking Lands End fleece coats, “mom jeans” with tapered bottoms, and scrunchies in their hair. They were having a blast, they had a lot of energy and were dancing to everything and before I knew it a lot of other people started dancing too. The way in which people become uninhibited can be ironic. Who’d a thought a bunch of NYC hipsters would follow the lead of a bunch of “out of towners” with no style. I saw a few people to the side looking at these women like they were total losers, yet some how these women were having more fun than anyone else.

Groupies vs. Stalkers

A DJ groupie is an individual who follows a DJ and goes to every one of their gigs. They will travel all over the city and attend every and all club/bar/lounges and restaurants in which this Djing is spinning at. This makes me wonder exactly what is it that distinguishes a groupie from a stalker?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Was Really Wrong

I have a tendency to go into 'denial' when it comes to really big issues. Sometimes it takes a while for me to 'register' some things. I've also been on a TV diet for the past year and I feel a lot healthier because of it. On the flip side I've been a bit disconnected when it comes to important current events.

Normally when I change my mind about a post, I delete the post but I still believe a lot of what I said below about the Japanese. They are very strong and unique, however they do need our help and if I in any way insinuated that they didn't I want to make it loud and clear that I was very wrong.

Of course I'd rather be writing about music and my DJ experiences and do I intend to continue doing that. This blog is a reflection of who I am and Japan is a big part of my heritage.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Thoughts on the Crisis in Japan

I thought I should express my feelings about everything that is going on in Japan. I am half Japanese, my mother is 1st generation Japanese, I have a lot of family and friends in Japan and have spent a lot of time out there. However I was born and raised in NYC and I can’t say that I have ever really identified with Japanese culture. I do know a lot about the Japanese and even though I am concerned about their current predicament I am also fairly confident that they are going to be OK.

I believe Japan might be one of if not the only country in the world that can withstand this type of catastrophe, in fact I sometimes believe that the Japanese are the strongest nation of people in world. They are the only country that has endured two massive nuclear attacks and not only did they survive but they also surpassed. Japan is also one of the smallest countries in the world but after they were completely defeated in WWII the ‘island nation’ became the WORLD’s second largest economy.

No matter what!!! The effort that people are making right now to support and send relief is very crucial. The Japanese are in midst of a massive crisis and it is terrifying but I also believe that the Japanese don’t need to be “saved” I feel that they are able to save themselves and they take a lot of pride in believing in themselves. Between their work ethic and sense of camaraderie and unity they have established a silent system that most of us will probably never really understand. But this system is more powerful than we could ever imagine. Of course they will deeply embrace all of the support that they receive during this turbulent time, but the most honorable gesture any of us could provide them with is just believing in them and believing that they are strong enough to overcome and grow from this calamity.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Roots and My Happiness

When thinking about the state of affairs in Japan, I can't help but realize how most of my favorite things have come from Japan.

Including the very instrument that inspired everything I am today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Boy

The other night I attended Legendary Damon's Luxx Ball and it was totally fabulous! (to say the least). With DJ Kiss on the ones and twos, a performance by lil kim and Unique (a sexy up and coming MC) all the queens and divas were having a blast. It was (legendary) Damon's birthday party whom I had only met a few months ago but I already adore him to pieces. My favorite part was his grand entrance where he walked down from the balcony with a spotlight on him wearing a hot dazzling suit and fur coat. The spotlight followed him down to the stage as everyone cheered a scream, it was a moment to remember.

I've been going out a lot more these days and I can honestly say that I had more fun at the Luxx Ball than I have in a long time and I started to wonder WHY that was. I also got a little more dressed up than usual even though I already knew that 90% of the men would be gay. I also spoke to, danced with, flirted with and got to know more men at this party than I ever do when I'm around strait men. Apprently, I feel sexier, more attractive and self confident around men who are NOT sexually and physically attracted to me. ANYWAY! I'd like to commend The Legendary Damon for putting together fantabulous event as I will be sure to be attending all of his events from now on!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Greatness of a DJ

There is no such thing as "good music" because "good music" is subjective, therefore the personal taste of a DJ is completely irrelevant when it comes to their skills and talent. It's not WHAT they play, it's HOW they play it. A good DJ would never close themselves off into a box and refuse to leave. From hip-hop to rock, pop, r&b, house, lounge whatever it is the larger the range the better. Having the ability to adapt at any given moment requires a great deal of aptitude and it takes a master to pull it off with grace. HOWEVER the single most significant quality of a great DJ does not require any experience. With out this characteristic, no matter who they are, or how long they've been doing it a DJ is worth nothing. It comes down to a very simple but strong desire to connect with the crowd and then followed by a simple desire to want to be great for this crowd.

Whether the crowd is "cool" or not (the subjective interpretation of) "cool", a great DJ will give themselves fully to everybody and anybody regardless of the superficial boundaries they might assume exists. It's building a relationship one song at a time, earning trust, and being completely aware of the energy of the room.

Anybody can play the songs they love, but only a really great DJ can make anybody love the songs they play.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Extra Mile

For me, the success of a good solid work-out at the gym is pretty much all about the music. OF course it didn’t come as a surprise that the music channels at New York Sports Club clearly targets a white male demographic from the age of 25-45. This is just an assumption after watching Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi or GreenDay at least once a day during my treadmill session. Oddy enough the music channel did open my eyes to the fact that rock can actually be very motivating for me and that is not something I use to consider when making my I-pod work out play list. Of course I still need my girly stuff and some hip-hop but throwing a little Nirvana 'smells like teen spirit', Paramore 'brick by boring brick' and Green Day '21guns' has added the extra spice that I needed to keep me going. My point is, when you put together your “work out” play list, you should consider something really different from what you normally listen to because it just might be exactly what you need. I think the key objective is to make it as unpredictable as possible.

Songs I use to Sing as a Child that Probably Freaked My Parents Out!

When I was a child I use to love singing the hooks of popular MTV songs. I would also play some of these hooks on the violin (I studied the violin for almost 15yrs). Of course I never really knew what any of these songs were about but I have a feeling that it probably didn’t sit well with my parents.

playlist at

So Lame But True;/

So Lame but So True

A couple of days ago I was thinking about random moments in my life that I regret. Some were much deeper than others but one that crossed my mind that I figured I could share would be the time back in 2004 that I could of met and seen Stevie Wonder perform live in a very intimate setting.

Long story short, he showed up at Marquee at some special event and Noah Tepperberg (owner of Marquee) took the time to try and reach me on my cell to tell me that he was there. (Everybody knows I’m a stevie junkie). Now when I’ve told this story before I’ve lied about where I was at the time because I’m too ashamed to admit where I really was and what I was really doing. The lie I told was that I was Djing at some random club or lounge where there was no cell phone reception. BS! The truth is, I was kind of a looser in 2004 it was a rough time for me as I did just loose my father and was in a pretty dark place. So what was I doing when I could have been meeting the love of my sonic life? I was completely stoned off my ass. My phone was in silent mode and didn’t hear or know about it until it was too late, but even if I did I was probably too out of it to get there in time. The good news is, I don’t and haven’t smoked weed nor have I done any drugs since 05 and have absolutely no desire to. The bad news is Stevie actually got into the DJ booth with DJ reach, asked for the mic and performed!

Again, a random moment in my life that I regret:/

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: I do not feel or believe that people who smoke weed are 'loosers', I just feel smoking weed brought out the looser in me;)


Most music lovers think that love songs are cheesy but with more than 80% of songs ever written being about or inspired by love we all (whether we like it or even want to admit it) love a lot of love songs. What makes a good love song? With lines like “would you come to me if somebody hurt you even if that somebody was me?” or when Maxwell hits us with a bitter sweet declaration of how letting someone go is the best way that he can love that person. Or Al Green's raw intensity as he demands that his love be fully requited. Maybe it’s just for me, or maybe others can identify but the following are my personal favorites. The list is short but I’m sure it could be 100Xs longer if I really take more time to think about it, perhaps I could just add on as they come.

playlist at