Monday, January 3, 2011


OMG, I was so caught up in my crazy life that I forgot to post where I was DJing this past NYE. I was spinning at Marquee for the majority of the night. I was on the main floor and I was the only DJ. There were 800+ people in the crowd. Check the photos, as you can see, they look like humans squished into a sardine can. I actually needed a big 'brolic' bouncer to help me get to and from the bathroom before the song 'Empire State of Mind' ended. (this was no accident, Empire state of Mind might not be a current and fresh hit, but it's long and hot enough to play in it's entirety, at any NYC club with out killing the dancefloor).

Oddly enough this was like the 6th or 7th year that I have DJed at Marquee on NYE! And yes, it's a true honor. There is a bartender who has been working there since they opened and we realized that we have spent more NYEs together than we have with anyone else.(hmm too bad he is gay, although having a long term healthy relationship with a gay man is not exactly strange for me).

Speaking of men, the crowd was 75% male, which from a DJ perspective is a major set back (if you read my first post "Girls Rule the Dancefloor" you will know why). The night was draining but it was a success. Oddly enough, it wasn't until I was looking at the joonbug photos today that I realized how many hot guys were in the crowd. I suppose it is no surprise that I am still single, especially when I don't even notice 100s of all different types of single men cheering me on!!!!....yeah another NY resolution, I'm just not sure how to phrase this one.