Monday, September 19, 2011

A Sweet Dream Coming True

Ok, One of the first records (vinyl) I purchased (or that was purchased for me) was an EP (a single with an extra few tracks, usually 5) from Madonna's Like a Virgin album and it was bought in Japan. It had the songs Like a Virgin, Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline on it. If I had known it would be worth so much today I probably would of taken better care of it.

Anyway, I was a very little girl, but old enough to notice my step sister was a huge Madonna fan so of coure I had to be down. I wasn't really able to read yet, but I have such a distinct memory of my brother reading the credits on the album out loud. I clearly remember him reading out "produced by JellyBean" and I was just estatic that this great album I bought was made from candy. Ha Ha I did love JellyBeans!

Now, 20 (ish) years later I'm not too into the candy anymore but I still love the song Holiday. It's one of the few Madonna tracks that I have rocked many many times and this Tuesday, I will be spinning with JellyBean Benitez one of the producers of Holiday, which is not only an incredible track but is actually the exact song that launched Madonna's career. He also produced a few other Madonna tracks and has worked with countless artists.

It's more than an honor and I am totally psyched to be spinning with him. I sincerely hope you will be able to come out and enjoy the moment with me. No Cover, Just dress fresh and Bring good energy!!!! At SkyRoom 7pm-2am 330 W.40th street @ 8th avenue (rooftop).