Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was full of optimism and dreams and for the first time those dreams where challenged in a way that I could never of imagined. Ten years ago today, I had a Monday night gig at Halo. I remember catching a cab at the end of my gig at 4am. It was a beautiful morning. I said goodnight to my friend Todd who was helping me with my records. I also noticed that Mos Def was standing in the crowd outside the club. I remember thinking to myself, "wow I didn't know that mos def was there tonight". I got into the cab, closed the door and looked out the window as I gave the driver my address. I sat back and exhaled and thought to myself: "I love my life". The next thing I remember was my roommate waking me up and breaking the news.

For two days I sat in front of my neighbor's television. (This neighbor happened to be someone I was dating). I just sat on his couch in awe as I watched a constant repetition of my one true love getting attacked. It was like New York City had been beaten up and hospitalized, and all I could do was watch. I felt helpless.

As each day would pass, the world would continue to turn, the wounds would start to heal and my dreams would start to come true. I would start DJing for the most celebrated icons in today's pop culture. I would become a music editor for a hip lifestyle publication. I would also become a music supervisor for a major NYC FM radio station and almost become an MTV VJ (1 audition, 4 callbacks (go figure)). With all of my achievements I would also lose. I would lose my father, I would lose friendships and lovers. I would also grow, I'd start working in the non-profit sector with "at risk" youth and would become a youth counselor which would make me strong and lead me to making better choices. Today I am a music coordinator at a live music venue and I'm working with some of the most respected artists and DJs in the world, as I continue to spin my heart out all over the city.

Now ten years later I am full of optimism and dreams, but I now know that these dreams are unbreakable. After seeing all that I have seen, and knowing what I know, I have more faith in myself and in this city to overcome even the most insurmountable challenges. The attacks on 9/11 was supposed to break our spirit but it only made us stronger and greater than we could ever of imagined. It's been 10 years, now I know ANYTHING is possible everything can be achieved even in midst of the most trying circumstances.