Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Weekend: Don't Celebrate the End of Summer

Celebrate the BEGINNING of Fall. Not sure why everyone is all 'bummed out' about summer ending when the best time of the year is Autumn (Especially in NYC). We got so much to look forward to:

- The colors of Autumn are just beautiful
- The aroma of home cooked meals are better.
- Halloween: best Holiday ever!!!
- central park: nuff said
- Love feels espcially good this time of year.
- Fall Clothes. Fall Fashion.
- The air is crisp and fresh.
- Hot lattes, taste better than Iced ones, and hot chocolate is much yummier than milk chocolate.

With that said, I'm spinning all weekend to Celebrate the Beginning of Fall!

Sunday Sept 4th: World Famous Copacabana 9pm-11pm
Monday Sept 5th:BBQ at Beekman Beach Club 4pm
Tuesday Sept 6th Skyroom Times Square 7pm-2am