Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 Reasons Why I Love Adele

I know I'm not special for this and I also know it may seem that I'm a little late to the party, but I have become a little more careful and selective with the artists that I choose to praise on this blog. There are several qualities I seek in an artist to determine their "greatness". As of late, Adele has truly encompassed and superseded all of these characteristics.

8: The song "First Love". Ok , we get it: Adele has had her heart broken and she has written a lot of music that reflects her inner torment. Truth be told, I'm not really into "downer" music. The idea that an artist can only be great if they suffer is (in my opinion) BS. So, with that said I do realize that Adele does write about her pain a lot but in midst of all of this, she still has a sweet tooth for happy moments. "First love" demonstrates her range. It's almost as if she puts her emotions on a diet and delivers a super sweet and light song about love. It's a refreshing piece of sunshine in midst of her dark and deep debut album.

7: I am going to collect a lot of cash as I have started to bet that Adele will be taking home at least 5 grammys in February.

6. She is beautiful....but really.... she is. Of course she is a little "thick" but it drives me crazy when people claim one of the reasons they love adele is bc she became successful even though she is considered "fat" and "unattractive". What kind of person can love and admire someone for that? She is beautiful. Clearly we all see and feel something very special about her so let's just leave it at that people.

5. Of course any artists that can create a masterpiece as great as 19 at the age of 19 gets some serious 'kudos'.

4. Her Voice (Nuff Said)

3. She considers the Spice Girls to be a huge influence over her career. C'mon how many credible artists today would be able to admit to something like that!!!

2. Singer, Songwriter, Musician Producer: Even though we do tend to take these credits for granted, we shouldn't.

1. The song "Rolling in the Deep" . She is an artist that is known for her solemn ballads and has successfully managed to write a flawless club anthem. "Rolling in the Deep" is rich with soul, vibrance and over all "umph"! She gets the people passionately moving on the dance floor. I am a DJ so of course that is my #1 reason for loving Adele.