Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming Out of the "Justin Beiber Closet"

Of course it is not a surprise that almost everyone I know thinks Justin Beiber is a joke. In fact I use to think the same thing and I made up my mind about who he was before I even knew anything about him. I hated him before I even heard any of his songs, and truth be told I still hated him after I heard a few of his songs.

As human beings we seem to be wired to "hate on" successful people and Justin Beiber is probably the most hated individual in the music business. The music business was literally destroyed over the past decade by digital media. As illegal downloading was demolishing the industry like an atomic bomb, Justin Beiber, a 'youtube' phenomenon, was starting to go viral. Of course we hate him, his tremendous success was created by the same deadly ammunition that was and still is shattering the music industry.

What makes it worse? Justin Beiber is actually very talented, and his rise to fame and fortune is soley based on his talent alone. His Youtube videos went viral because people were amazed. Amazed to see the same 8yr old boy playing drums in a jazz band was also playing the guitar while singing Ne-Yo songs. His talent and success has superseded all of our expectations of today's "teen pop star". He is not just some kid that was put through the "tween dream machine". He has been studying music since he was old enough to walk, he is a gifted drummer with skills on the guitar, bass and vocals.

I would love to HATE Justin Beiber, but I can't because I know that it would be for all the wrong reasons. I don't like his music, I don't like his haircut, I don't give a crap about who he is dating but the one thing that I simply can't and won't deny is this kid has more talent than most of the artists that are in the charts today. If you don't agree with me than maybe you haven't checked out the following Youtube videos.