Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Lame But True;/

So Lame but So True

A couple of days ago I was thinking about random moments in my life that I regret. Some were much deeper than others but one that crossed my mind that I figured I could share would be the time back in 2004 that I could of met and seen Stevie Wonder perform live in a very intimate setting.

Long story short, he showed up at Marquee at some special event and Noah Tepperberg (owner of Marquee) took the time to try and reach me on my cell to tell me that he was there. (Everybody knows I’m a stevie junkie). Now when I’ve told this story before I’ve lied about where I was at the time because I’m too ashamed to admit where I really was and what I was really doing. The lie I told was that I was Djing at some random club or lounge where there was no cell phone reception. BS! The truth is, I was kind of a looser in 2004 it was a rough time for me as I did just loose my father and was in a pretty dark place. So what was I doing when I could have been meeting the love of my sonic life? I was completely stoned off my ass. My phone was in silent mode and didn’t hear or know about it until it was too late, but even if I did I was probably too out of it to get there in time. The good news is, I don’t and haven’t smoked weed nor have I done any drugs since 05 and have absolutely no desire to. The bad news is Stevie actually got into the DJ booth with DJ reach, asked for the mic and performed!

Again, a random moment in my life that I regret:/

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: I do not feel or believe that people who smoke weed are 'loosers', I just feel smoking weed brought out the looser in me;)