Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Thoughts on the Crisis in Japan

I thought I should express my feelings about everything that is going on in Japan. I am half Japanese, my mother is 1st generation Japanese, I have a lot of family and friends in Japan and have spent a lot of time out there. However I was born and raised in NYC and I can’t say that I have ever really identified with Japanese culture. I do know a lot about the Japanese and even though I am concerned about their current predicament I am also fairly confident that they are going to be OK.

I believe Japan might be one of if not the only country in the world that can withstand this type of catastrophe, in fact I sometimes believe that the Japanese are the strongest nation of people in world. They are the only country that has endured two massive nuclear attacks and not only did they survive but they also surpassed. Japan is also one of the smallest countries in the world but after they were completely defeated in WWII the ‘island nation’ became the WORLD’s second largest economy.

No matter what!!! The effort that people are making right now to support and send relief is very crucial. The Japanese are in midst of a massive crisis and it is terrifying but I also believe that the Japanese don’t need to be “saved” I feel that they are able to save themselves and they take a lot of pride in believing in themselves. Between their work ethic and sense of camaraderie and unity they have established a silent system that most of us will probably never really understand. But this system is more powerful than we could ever imagine. Of course they will deeply embrace all of the support that they receive during this turbulent time, but the most honorable gesture any of us could provide them with is just believing in them and believing that they are strong enough to overcome and grow from this calamity.