Monday, March 28, 2011

My Bad (Body) Language

So, earlier this evening I was booked to DJ a 'speed dating' event that was being filmed by the Today Show. The bad news was, my role was kind of obsolete since they really couldn't record any songs w/o clearance, so I didn't really spin much. The good news is I had a chance to chat with Janine Driver, the host of the segment they were filming. Janine (who was super cool btw) is a body language expert. In fact the segment had nothing to do with speed dating, the program was all about how to read people's body language and I found it all to be so fascinating!

She took a moment to analyze me and explained that my body language was defensive and full of attitude. LMAO!!!! The reason is I first had my arms crossed, and when I started to talk to her I put one hand on my hip. She helped me fix this negative body language by directing me to stand tall but relax my shoulders and put one hand in my pocket WITH THE THUMB OUT. At this point I was confident, yet humble and warm, and by facing both shoulders towards her I was also welcoming. According to her, first impressions last for just a few seconds but those few second have a powerful unconscious affect on people.

Well Well, to think I thought I was a very approachable person, I could have actually been deflecting people by my body language with out even intending to! In either case this little body language lesson was the coolest thing I've learned in a long time.

Check out Janine's Website (below), apperently she use to work for the DA or something to be able to detect when people were lying. (It's like that show lie to me)!