Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Losers' Rule!

Earlier this evening I was spinning for a cool and sexy crowd and they were definitely ‘feeling’ the music but no one was really dancing or getting really into it. About half way through, a group of tourists from New Hampshire, (I know this because they told me) came in and started “wiling” out. They were about 4 blonds in their mid 30s and they had NO style. We’re talking Lands End fleece coats, “mom jeans” with tapered bottoms, and scrunchies in their hair. They were having a blast, they had a lot of energy and were dancing to everything and before I knew it a lot of other people started dancing too. The way in which people become uninhibited can be ironic. Who’d a thought a bunch of NYC hipsters would follow the lead of a bunch of “out of towners” with no style. I saw a few people to the side looking at these women like they were total losers, yet some how these women were having more fun than anyone else.