Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Boy

The other night I attended Legendary Damon's Luxx Ball and it was totally fabulous! (to say the least). With DJ Kiss on the ones and twos, a performance by lil kim and Unique (a sexy up and coming MC) all the queens and divas were having a blast. It was (legendary) Damon's birthday party whom I had only met a few months ago but I already adore him to pieces. My favorite part was his grand entrance where he walked down from the balcony with a spotlight on him wearing a hot dazzling suit and fur coat. The spotlight followed him down to the stage as everyone cheered a scream, it was a moment to remember.

I've been going out a lot more these days and I can honestly say that I had more fun at the Luxx Ball than I have in a long time and I started to wonder WHY that was. I also got a little more dressed up than usual even though I already knew that 90% of the men would be gay. I also spoke to, danced with, flirted with and got to know more men at this party than I ever do when I'm around strait men. Apprently, I feel sexier, more attractive and self confident around men who are NOT sexually and physically attracted to me. ANYWAY! I'd like to commend The Legendary Damon for putting together fantabulous event as I will be sure to be attending all of his events from now on!