Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never Too Much

I had a conversation today with an acquaintance about another DJ. This acquaintance was criticizing this DJ and one of his criticisms were that this DJ played too much Stevie Wonder. Hmmm well, again, this was an acquaintance so he obviously didn't know me very well. Maybe its personal, or maybe its true but

I honestly believe that there is no such thing as too much stevie wonder.

I have played stevie wonder back to back for hours, and doing so has literally created a riot of excitement on the dance floor. In fact I use to do it all the time. I eventually linked up with some other 'stevie wonder junkies' and dedicated a whole night to stevie wonder. These fellow junkies took the party to a whole 'nother' level and started what is known today as 'Wonderfull' One of the hottest annual parties in new york.

So once again, there can never be too much stevie wonder.

Its kind of like how there can never be too much love in your life, or too many fruits and veggies in your diet, stevie's music is just good for your health and well being.

So my point? Don't ever tell me that I or any other dj is playing too much stevie wonderm especially when very few DJs are even still gracing our sweet lounges and hot dancefloors with his incredible energy. Its ironic bc the conversation actually made me realize that I haven't been playing enough of Stevie Wonder lately, 1-2 songs just isn't enough. We need a least 5 servings of stevie a day. So... this is about to change. Thank you ____, for making me realize that xo :)