Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Love Story

I saw him the moment I walked in the room. He just stood out amongst the sea of tilted caps and hoodies. I could feel my face get red as I looked down and even though I did notice that the floor was filthy, somehow it just seemed so clean with all those fresh set of kicks. Everything felt so familiar like I was coming home after straying for years. I slowly looked up and he was right in front of me. My heart started to pound out of my throat, but he didn't notice I was there until Mos's Mathematics poured out of the speakers. The whole room began to roar and all of their arms swung up like a group of schools boys eager to let the DJ know that they knew the answer. I almost got so caught up to realize he was looking at me strait in the eyes. It had been so long since we were face to face.

I remember that summer like it was yesterday. I was just a teenager, we held hands under the Black Moon, talked bout the things we had in Common, shared our B.I.G dreams and walked all over this big and beautiful city from the Boogie Down to Jay Street. He'd been in my life for years but I was too young to see or understand him. I was too young to understand a lot of things, but I was starting to feel that I was apart of something greater than myself. At some point I started to sneak out every Thursday night to meet him at 1am and would sneak back in when the sun came up. Very few things even mattered to me at the time, but the one thing I knew for sure was that my life had changed that summer.

And then came the other night and there he was again. 15+ years later as if I was seeing him for the first time. I wasn’t a little girl anymore, yet I almost felt like I was. I felt that same rush of excitement in every song that the DJ played. The energy that drove me to everything I am today. The inspiration for picking up my first needle and dropping it on the wax. To think that I was all broken hearted because I thought that he had left, but I finally realized that he had been there all along. I was just too caught up to even realize it. I can’t help it but I love hip-hop and he’s a big part of who I am.