Friday, February 18, 2011

Forgive Me For I have Sinned

I have had very un pure thoughts about a certain overplayed and extremely popular pop song.

I love this song. I love it so much that I have it on repeat when I go to the gym. In fact this song is the reason why I am able to jog for 45+ minutes strait at 6m pr hr! I also love listening to this song whenever I’m getting ready to go out with my girlfriends or go an a date. I often look forward to playing this song when I’m Djing, and I sometimes resent those cool, hipster types at those swanky lounges because I know that I would be so out of line to play this song for them so I don’t. This song is so played out that the hipsters would probably stone me for playing it.

I’m sorry people, I know I’m suppose to be cool, hip and have a super fresh perspective of music and I do. But the beat (just the beat) to Black Eye Peas The time, is just SICK! It’s insanely sick and it makes me hot, it makes feel really sexy. It makes my booty move. It inspires me to literally go the extra mile. I have heard people say that pop music is like junk food for the soul. Well, I eat at least one reeses peanut butter cup a day (sometimes 2). I also eat big salads, fruits, protein and I work out 5xs a week so I don’t feel too guilty about it So the same goes for BEPs ‘the time‘. I have a very extensive music collection from Gil Scott Heron to Mozart so f--- it. I need a little cheesy pop in my life!

(ps im only talking about the BEAT, the hook and vocals suck)