Friday, February 18, 2011

Finding Something New in The Old

Last week a fellow DJ dropped a song that seemed familiar yet sounded so new and so amazing that I had to run up to him and ask him what it was. It’s ironic because it was a song from an album that I already owned. Minnie Riperton’s album 'Come Into My Garden', the song was "Le Fleur". I must of bought that record over a decade ago, and it slipped through my ear drums probably because I didn’t exactly have a very sophisticated ear for music at the time. Or, I just hear it differently now. Something similar even happened with my beloved Stevie a couple of years ago and it was from his most successful album ‘Talking Book‘. The song “I believe”. I always thought it was a good song, but it wasn’t until I listened to it in it’s entirety one day that I realized it was an AMAZING song. The thing with Stevie is he always gets me with his bridges. I mean they come out of nowhere like that piece of gooey creamy chocolate cake that suddenly appears in the fridge. Everyone needs to listen to all of Stevie’s songs all the way through even if the song doesn’t grab you at first, there might be a tasty treat hidden at the end.

In either case, there is nothing better than falling in love with something I’ve already had for years.