Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If I were a boy....but why would I want to be?

It's been over a decade since I cued my first record at a real party, for a real dance floor. I remember when I'd get so caught up in the music that I wouldn't stop to look up and or around me. It's almost as if I kept my head down. Maybe I was affraid that I just might stand tall enough for everyone to notice me.

When I was in college I dated a boy who was exactly my height and when I wore high heels, I towered over him. For nearly two years I only wore flats and I hate flats.

I've always done what I've had to do, to get where I want to go and be who I want to be. Sometimes I wonder why I have this gift of brilliance and ambition but yet I'm too scared to let it shine. Sometimes when people look at me as I stand on a stage in the center of everything, I can see the hate in their eyes. The higher the stage goes, the stronger the hate grows. I suppose I could just jump off, face down so that nobody will hate me again but believe it or not I did that already.

This time, I'm just going to look strait back at those venomous eyes and smile, I'm going to be turning heads and I'm going to wear the sexiest pair of stilettos, with the sexiest dress, hair done, nails done as I tower over the DJ booth, with my shoulders back and head up high and this time I'm going to watch the world as they notice me passing by.


  1. I believe it was Sinatra who said, "The best revenge is massive success"...so as the confidence and hard work breeds the well deserved praise, kudos and trappings of accomplishment, hell, enjoy not only the ride...but enduring the massive amounts of blood, sweat and tears expended as you traveled there...word.

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