Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Is 'bad' music?

A reoccurring theme in my blog and my career is my struggle to distinguish the difference between 'good' and 'bad' music. It is very strange for me to feel this way. After all, I have worked as a music director for a NYC FM radio station, I was a music editor for a reputable and edgy lifestyle magazine, not to mention nearly 1000 gigs as a club/ party DJ, and countless clients as a music consultant.

I am a bona fide music professional but the truth is 50% of the work I do in music does not reflect my personal taste in music. I have learned to read crowds, research numbers, study demographics and play, schedule and provide music that is "good" for the project or event. Call me a 'sell out' but I don't enjoy djing when the crowd isn't feeling it. I might not be a huge Lil Wayne fan, but sometimes he can make the room 'light up' with energy and that makes me feel good.

A lot of my "DJ" and "music" friends tend to be elitists. In some cases they will turn a 'deaf ear' to anything that is commercially successful. Some people won't even bother to listen to a song because of the artist, or even the genre. Is it genre discrimination? Why do people feel that they are defined by the music they listen to or like? Why can't we just like the music we like and just not like the music we don't with out all of the freaking stigmas?