Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Tribute to Guru and a Tribute to Hip-Hop

The music world, the hip-hop world, the DJ world and all of the world lost a legend. Guru's voice represents the foundation of hip-hop as we know it today. Loosing Guru to cancer is not only a tragedy, but almost a symbol of how this genre has evolved and become a cornerstone in pop music. In other words, hip-hop is no longer a baby, no longer a teenager, or even a young adult. Hip-hop has graduated to an infinite and timeless art form, much like Jazz, Rock and Roll and R&B. I strongly believe it is just a matter of time before Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall will start hosting hip-hop festivals/concerts.

I was born and raised along with this particular genre. I am proud to be a NYC native, where I have been blessed enough to have heard the sounds of rap music at it's purest form. Just like hip-hop, I was just a baby/enfant in the 80s and I was able to watch and hear hip-hop grow as I grew all the way through the 90s into what it is today. Guru's voice and legacy will always be a big part of that experience. I have had the honor to hear him perform live on several occasions. I know for sure that his music will live for all of eternity through DJs across the globe.

GURU 1966-2010