Sunday, April 11, 2010

Like water for (sonic) chocolate

Do you feel what I feel?
In the story "Like Water for Chocolate" the main character Tita was cooking a meal as she was completely heartbroken and in tears. Everyone that ate this meal, felt her emotions and started to cry. Much like the novel and movie, I do believe that a DJ's frame of mind can deeply affect the mood and emotions of the crowd. I don't however feel that it is as simple as when I feel sad, the crowd feels sad too.

When my father passed in 04, I was booked to DJ the next night. People thought I was crazy because I didn't cancel. I was feeling so much at the time. I was sad, but I was also feeling an overwhelming need to inspire and be inspired. There was so much emotion with every song I played. I know that I definitely did not make anyone sad, however I made everyone feel something. They all danced, and cheered along with nearly every track I played but it was so much deeper than a dance party. There was an awakening, there was acclamation, there was gratitude and there was acceptance. These qualities were a combination of what I was feeling. I was feeling how great my father was, how grateful I was to be loved by him and how I was preparing to accept his passing. The people on the dance floor might not of been aware of it, but they were feeling these emotions right along with me that night.