Saturday, April 10, 2010

In it for the LOVE

How to DJ for a small crowd:

A DJ's greatest arrogance and set back comes when they feel that the crowd isn't enough. Good enough, cool enough or simply just not enough to make a party.

When I first started DJing, I was spinning in small LES lounges. My first real regular gig was at a place called XVI on 1st ave and 1st street. I had a Sunday night party. To be honest, in the first few months, I was lucky if I had more than 2 people in the crowd excluding the bartender and 'bar back' of course. Back then, I was so happy to have anyone to play for, and I loved it. I loved DJing so much that it didn't matter. There were nights when only 5 people were in the lounge, but each of those 5 people were dancing their A**es off. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I do it, because I love it. I don't do it for the 300+ crowd. I do it for me and that is why, whether it is 1 person or a hundred people, the sonic experience will be truly amazing for everyone in the room, as long as my heart is in it.