Friday, March 26, 2010

A Sonic Spring Cleaning!

It's that time of year again. Ask yourself, how many songs in your I-Pod do you really love? How many songs in your I-pod do you even listen to? How many songs are you always skipping when your I-pod is set to shuffle?

Let go people, let go of the sonic clutter. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! Even if there are only 50 songs on your I-pod, at least all of those songs are songs that you enjoy listening to. Whether you are jogging, walking, chilling or driving it is a waste of energy, and a total mood buster when you hear a song you just don't like. It's YOUR I-POD. Your personalized radio station. All of those songs that you know you don't like, but thought you did or thought you should add to your I-pod (because you had a enough space to) must be removed. And all of those songs that you have been wanting to get or are ashamed to like must be added. An I-Pod, just like your closet, needs to be cleaned out every now and then. You will feel better if you do. Feng Shui your i-pod today and have a Happy Spring!