Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DJ Booth Etiquette

Through the years, I have had many friends ask me before coming out to one of my gigs, if I'd be able to talk and or hang out while I'm DJing. The truth is, I really appreciate it when people ask, because people don't always realize that a DJ gig may be a lot of fun, but it is work. Well, I probably can't 'hang out', but yes of course I can talk, I just don't know for how long.

-If I am DJing for an active dance floor of 50 people people or more, than I probably won't be able to say more than "Hey, What's Up! Thanks for coming through! :D Please don't be offended, I'm probably just really amped up and focused on keeping the dancefloor moving.

-If I am spinning at a laid back lounge, or if no one is dancing, I can probably talk in intervals of 1-2 minutes. These intervals are in between the time it takes me to select the next song and to cue that song. In other words, the conversation would probably be broken every couple of minutes.

-I do suggest that you come with friends or a friend, unless of course you are just stopping by to say hello and check out the vibe. No matter what, I do love it very much when any of my friends come by, I just can't promise I would be the best company if they want someone to hang out with.

- I do prefer it if people didn't drink in the DJ booth, as this is more about a safety issue (the equipment's safety;) Fortunately due to the smoking ban, no one smokes inside the DJ booth, as I have grown to despise cigarette smoke, I actually despise all smoke.

-On another note, I always welcome love and good energy into the DJ booth. Whether you are fam, a friend, bartender or stranger please come by to the DJ booth and say hello before you leave:)