Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting for Lauryn....

Most of us remember when Columbia Records released 'The Miseducation Lauryn Hill' because the album was a mind blowing and timeless masterpiece of pure excellence and ingenious musicianship. At the time, pop music was a dry desert, infested with boy bands, 'jigginess' and 'tween sensations'. Music lovers were dehydrating and then finally, The miseducation of Lauryn hill was this abundant and refreshing stream of talent and beautiful music that quenched our thirst. What most of us don't remember or even care to know or remember were the series of events that followed and surrounded this sonic gem. From anguish to breakdowns, and a series of very ugly and nasty lawsuits. The album was plagued with tragedy, almost from the moment that it was released. The album was like the "Helen of Troy" of the music business. An incomparable, cornucopia of beauty that would be the cause of a massive war.

Now, Lauryn Hill seems to have been defeated. Well over a decade has passed, rumors have circulated that she has gone crazy, and yet this incredible album is still credited as being one of the best R&B records of all time. The real tragedy is that The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill will probably be her only solo album (with the exception of her (hard to listen to) unplugged album).