Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Fresh

I have officially decided that Kid Cudi was the best thing that happened to my DJ playlist in 2009.

His beats are fresh and his hooks are infectious. Most of his stuff is not 'played out' YET, but even if they were, I would still rock them as much as I could.

There isn't one track on his debut album that I don't like. Each song has it's own groove. It's different yet quite familiar, it's refreshing, bold, risky, sexy and just flat out...Deeelishusss.

Here are some of my fave selections of his.



  1. agreed erika. i like the fact that he can't really be classified too. so we need to come up with a new category for artists like him. genre transcending. happy new year by the way! you are living your dream and making a difference. definitely proud to know you and happy for you.

    eric brown