Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sade's Timeless Voice

When the Beastie Boys came out with their last album a couple of years ago, I recall reading a review in some music publication that asked or stated something along the lines of why can new artists make 'the old sound' so good, but old artists make 'the new sound' so bad.

I do agree, with that to some extent, several of today's artists have gone 'retro' and created some remarkable music and several old school artists just sound so wrong when they try to reflect the current trends in music. I think that that review was the writer's attempt to honor The Beastie's past but dismiss their recent attempts to put out 'cool' music. I do feel however that artists like U2, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Green Day and several more artists have still come out with great music over the years and still remain true to themselves and the current trends and styles of pop music.

Well, above all I have to say that Sade's latest release feels so consistent with who she is and has always been as an artist. Her mesmerizing and crystallized sound has aged with grace, her words are still so simple and so wise, her emotions just silently scream beneath the simmering and subtle passion sound of her voice. In one song, Sade proves the above statement about 'old artists' to be entirely wrong. This is the third time I have written about her latest single "Soldier of Love" which is a clear sign that I am very anxious for and simply cannot wait until the album "Soldier of Love" comes out on February 9th!